MOAH Exhibit Review of It Takes a Village – Distant Memories

MOAH Exhibit Review of It Takes a Village – Distant Memories

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Very honored to have received a review of my Exhibit of “Distant Memories” at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History, MOAH –  IT TAKES A VILLAGE.
The opening was well attended and thank you to each of my old/new friends who visited.

“Richard Chow’s “Distant Memories”, is a lovely black and white series that takes us from the village to the sea. Capturing elegiac images of a childhood he could’ve experienced on Southern California beaches, but as an immigrant, did not; he’s collected a beautiful series of images into wall installations. Viewed at a remove through pier telescopes and long lenses, Chow lets us view just glimpses of wonder, a personal window into community, family, and love. Subjects from the Manhattan Beach Pier to body-boarders in the surf framed by the shade of a beach umbrella cumulatively shape and recreate an ephemeral time and place that never quite was, but always will be.”

Click here for the entire review. Thanks to Genie Davis and Art and Cake.


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