Show review – Brittany Davis Gallery with Richard S. Chow

Show review – Brittany Davis Gallery with Richard S. Chow

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Written by Joseph Hazani of dilettante.ccom, click for the website.  Mr.Hazani is a prolific writer, as well as a respected art reviewer of all art disciplines.

Sunlight 1′. Courtesy of the artist & Brittany Davis Gallery


March 18, 2021 

Out of the cabin rambunction of Los Angeles pandemic containment, the Brittany Davis Gallery’s Thinking of You Art Show demonstrates jovial relaxation in the artists efforts to permeate the sunlight once again. Stupendously, we have an overwhelming wallop of positivity versus melancholy, as this unfortunate natural catastrophe has invoked in many.

Most outstanding to see was the ambition of Richard Chow and Stacy Solodkin. These artists demonstrated a confidence in mastering their own particular compositions; serendipitously enough, in the aims to extend their treatment of materials. Ms. Solodkin, for instance, was fastidious in her acrylic canvasing of Green and Red. Each, almost lionized by the portraitures, of what in the artist’s mind is the barest uncloaking of each color with Amphibious Rorschach tests harkening us to enjoy the minute inkage. It is satisfying to see the stark gradient of color in each composition, to represent the fullest form of these primaries in our celebration of vividness.

Richard Chow’s Visible Light 1 is a wonderful aim at melding a mastery of technique with idea. The cosmic blending, which occurs organically from the Cyanolumen photo-chemical processing to give us Mr. Chow’s own rendition of a “starry night”, scintillates when it lands directly on top of a humble prairieland farmer’s barn. This is veritably a natural formation, of the artists playfulness with light, but also confidence with the uncontrollable reactions which occur chemically. Perhaps this is where fine art photography continues to pave its way – diverging from the amateur toward demanding in the artist’s mind’s eye more and more danger and adventure in representing what can be gleaned from natural light. If only the size was much larger to deliver us more of an awe-inspiring burst!




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