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My fine art photography often deals with the notion of human conditions, their symbiotic relationship with nature, landscapes, culture, and ultimately a study on individualism and how we see the world around us. Evolving from my earlier body of work with back drops of build environment that combines enthusiasm for design and colorful aesthetics, the latest series, “Into the Light,” features black and white photography. These images, frequently larger in scale and devoid of color, allow me to plumb the depths of light, form, and function, exploring the urban landscape in relationship to those who inhabit it. Here I use light, not color, to convey tone, atmosphere, and context – resulting in compelling images with a modern aesthetic. I make extensive use of geometry to add structure and organization to images that appear more abstract, with composition techniques that allow me to quite literally lead viewers into the light. One of the art reviews by Mr. Joseph Hazani on my solo at The Neutra Institute Museum Gallery:

“Richard S. Chow’s latest opening was a phenomenal chance to see his evolution as an artist, toward his current status of invoking in a Promethean manner new structural conceptions. He was able to do so in a sublime manner of capturing realistic geometries but through photographic magic birthed a dreamy, almost Platonically-inspired, form of the triangle with his Into the Light | Windows. It is a great service to articulating what art ought to be. In simple terms, it is this.”

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