Vanishing – Cyanolumen Prints

Most originals are available, all are limited edition of 5, 2 AP

Starry Night

Starry Night (original sold, limited edition of 5 available)

Trip to Ocean



Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Life Guard 5

Starry Night

Artist Statement

At the heart of this body of work lies the profound concept of impermanence— the idea that what we once deemed enduring can swiftly vanish. Our environment, both delicate and resilient, faces constant threats, whether from natural forces or human actions.

In the realm of photography, impermanence presents a fascinating juxtaposition. While the medium is renowned for capturing the decisive moment, it also reflects the fleeting nature of existence. This series delves into moments of transition, encapsulating the ethereal state of flux— an abstraction of impermanence.

My intention is to challenge conventional narratives, prompting viewers to perceive scenes through a lens of possibility and change. By bridging familiar memories with abstract interpretations of potential shifts or disappearances, I aim to deepen our connection to the evolving world around us and raise awareness of environmental impacts.

Technically, this series represents a continued exploration of creating ‘photo-objects’ through alternative processes. By pushing the boundaries of materiality and experimentation, I strive to develop a language of abstraction within the realm of photo-based art.


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